Why should I consign with Esther’s?
Esther’s, the oldest and most popular designer consignment in Omaha, has built a reputation for high quality, high fashion clothing and accessories.

Who sets the prices?
We do. We know what our customers are willing to pay for items. When you consign with us, we are in business together and we will price your items as high as possible yet still make them marketable. If you consign something that you feel is very valuable, please let us know so we can price it accordingly.

Where do my clothes go after 90 days?
At the end of 90 days, items must be picked up within two weeks or they will be donated.  

When can I bring items in? 
In season*, consignors may bring items in Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm. If this time frame does not work for you, please call 402-391-1301 to schedule an appointment *

*All items are consigned “Seasonally.” As of May 23, 2015, we will no longer be accepting Spring/Summer drop-ins or appointments. We will begin to accept Fall and Transitional items Tuesday August 18th. 

What items will you accept? 
We accept top quality women’s clothing and accessories. Items must be laundered/dry cleaned when brought in for review so they are prepared to go out on the floor immediately. We make choices based upon what our shoppers are looking for. We do not accept “faux” labels. 

What if I want my unsold items back?
You must pick up your items within two weeks after your 90-day contract has ended. You will not be called. It is your responsibility to remember. After two weeks, your items will be donated.

What are the advantages to consigning with you versus having a garage sale?
We will do all the work and probably make you more money. We will: consign your items for 90 days; do all the advertising; be open six days a week; save you hours of labor; and make you more money.

Do you buy outright?
No, we don’t.

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